One on Young s2 Ep2 Lilly Driscoll P1

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  • Song Name: One on Young S2 Ep 2 Lilly Driscoll
  • Artist: Sean Joseph Young
  • Album: One on Young
  • Year: 2013

Hello all. Sit back, relax and listen to Sean talk to his good friend Lilly Driscoll. Lilly and Sean talk about hashtags, every day sexism, extremism and on a lighter note, FIRE. They also talk about casting horrors, a lot of them about having to make out with strangers while being videoed (they were sure it was a casting). This is part 1, with part 2 being about Lilly's play in which Sean auditioned for but didn't get! The intro has the return of Sean's brother Daniel, who assists him in answering the questions for the fan section!
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