One on Young S2 Ep4 Gia Rè

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  • Song Name: Gia OOYf
  • Artist: Sean Joseph Young
  • Album: One on Young

Hello all! The guest for this episode is the wonderful Gia Rè, good friend and fellow actor from Which is Witch? In this episode we discover the terrifying dynamic between the two as they decide not to bring up happy memories of filming together. Instead, they throw verbal daggers at each other in a battle of "who is the worst person" one-upmanship. The situations they talk about include Gia throwing Sean's pasta down the stairs so he puts her shoe in the bath in retaliation, as well as a genuine argument about defacing a present and not seeing The Hobbit. When they aren't fighting each other, they're loving each other. Although, the latter is about 20%. Sean also answers two fan section questions. These questions are "What superpower would you want?" and "What is your most embarrassing moment?". Enjoy!