OOY S2 EP 5 P1 Ben Kerfoot 2

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  • Song Name: OOY S2 EP5 P1 Ben Kerfoot 2
  • Artist: Sean Joseph Young
  • Album: One on Young

Well 'ello tharr! This episode has the return of Ben Kerfoot, this time without any mic problems! Although, during the intro, Sean manages to drop the microphone, shattering a sleeping cup! Also the mic had to watch helplessly while Sean sung the questions for the fan section! That's right, Sean sings in the podcast! The weirdo. In this podcast, Ben and Sean ramble on about becoming immortal, politics, Peeing in corners, asserting dominance, fields on cocks (I know) and Sean being single. This is part 1 of 2, with part 2 going into a more serious talk on Sean's single life and his relationship troubles! The questions that Sean answers are by Cecilie Harris (Do chickens dream at night?), Eleanor Lynch (what happened to that spider in your room) and Oliver Caveney (who came first, the chicken or the duck?). @SeanJosephYoung @Benkerfoot1