OOY S2 EP 5 P2 Ben Kerfoot

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  • Song Name: OOY BEN KERFOOT P2
  • Artist: Sean Joseph Young
  • Album: One on Young

Hello one, hello all and welcome to One on Young with your host Sean Joseph Young. This episode is the second part of a two parter with Ben Kerfoot. This episode is all about Sean’s fears and problems with relationships and being single. It get’s quite serious as they give reasons to why Sean acts the way he does when it comes to gaining another half. They also talk about Ben’s new series “Rob and Amy” as well as Sean’s current web series “Two Housemates”. During the intro, Sean answers the fan section questions “Would you ever get your nipples pierced?” and “Where is the best place you’ve ever kissed a girl?”. @SeanJosephYoung @BenKerfoot1